Mediating labor disputes, civil (inheritance, property, family, child custody), commercial, banking, consumer protection, insurance, malpractice. Mediator registered in Bucharest and Calarasi.

     Orientative mediation fees and connected services:

|    Pre-mediation consultancy in criminal and civil disputes - 150 lei (includes preparatory meeting and one session )

|    Transmission of proceedings documentation, summonses, notices, correspondence through courier - 30 lei / document - Bucharest, 40 lei / document - other regions of Romania, 150 lei / document-Europe

|    Transmission of proceedings documentation, summonses, notices, correspondence through Bailiff Office - 120 lei / document - Romania

|    Mediation contract in Romanian language, drafting and conclusion - free of charge

|    Mediation bilingual (Romanian/English) contract, drafting and conclusion - 100 lei

|    Mediation of civil litigations (commercial, family, labor, insurance, malpractice, consumer protection)with two or more parties - 200 lei/party (are included the preparatory meeting and one or two joint or separate mediation sessions, at mediator's choice)

|    Mediation sessions additional to those specified in the contract at the request of the parties- 100 lei/ session

|    Fee for bilingual mediation sessions (Romanian and English) at the request of the parties- 200 lei/ mediation

|    Drafting of Mediation Agreement - 100 lei

|    Drafting of Mediation Agreement in two languages (English/Romanian) - 300 lei

|    Issuing copies of documents from the Mediation Office archive, including certification - 10 lei/ page

|    Trips or meetings outside the office / consulting sessions at parties request- 100 lei/ hour

According to legal provisions, the mediator's fee is paid equally by the parties unless the contract is provided another way. Any expenses incurred in the mediation procedure conducted with the consent of the parties, shall be settled separately on the basis of statements.

Appropriate to parties conditions, the Mediator can operate discounts and / or exemptions from the payment of fees under the law.