Mediating labor disputes, civil (inheritance, property, family, child custody), commercial, banking, consumer protection, insurance, malpractice. Offices in Bucharest and Calarasi.

Area of expertise:

Family Law - negotiation, drafting and conclusion of matrimonial agreements, mediating disagreements related to the continuation of marriage, division of joint property, parental rights, the residence of children or any misunderstandings that arise in relations between spouses about their rights they may have under the law.

Consumers Protection Law - mediating disputes triggered by the existence of an injury as a result of purchasing a defective product or a service, the contract failure or guarantees granted, the existence of unfair terms contained in contracts between consumers and operators or other violation of rights under national or European Union legislation in the field of consumer protection.

Malpraxis - mediating disputes regarding professional's liability, or malpractice cases, medical negligence, both in cases where the law requires the preliminary procedure and in special cases where the law does not provide.

Labor Law - mediation of labor disputes hereunder conclusion, execution and termination of labor contracts.

Civil/comercial Law- mediating disputes between professionals evaluated in money and / or individuals (claims), mediating disputes concerning the possession, boundries, relocation of boundary and other disputes concerning neighborly relations. The preliminary procedure of mediation is mandatory for all civil disputes whose value is less than Lei 50,000. (excluding professionals in whom a Court enforceable decision to open the insolvency proceedings was issued and actions related to the Trade Register), but the parties may choose voluntary mediation in disputes involving the amounts exceeding the amount required by law, thus proving good faith and intention of solving the problem before presenting the case to a Judge (or during the Court hearings, as appropriate).